These words without exaggeration define the attitude and acts of our Staff and Management running and bolstering Mayavaram Rolling Mill. Ever since started in 1996,our steam have not run out and so has our quest for quality and productivity. It has been like the two-way pointers. Our quality works have always certified our products; and our impeccable products certified our commitment. Our rise from 'where we were then' to 'what we are now' is a standing testimony to this outstanding, yet humble claim. To say the least, all through the years we have been steadfast in our passion, spirit, endeavour and most importantly, gratitude and humility.

With a start from the furnace division producing and supplying MS Billets to the prestigious and leading TMT brands in South India, we have been steadily growing in strength and prowess to become the manufacturers of TMT Bars ourselves. Backed by sheer research, tireless learning and live field experience, our consistent efforts and intricate expertise have shaped us, made us competent and helped us reach this pinnacle. Now in 2022, we have launched our flagship brand 'KAAVERI TMT’

We strive to become

To become the best steel supplier in terms of quality, integrity and customer trust. To achieve our goals by improving technology, processes, delivery, customer service and our market knowledge.


Our vision is to be a globally recognized and trusted leader in the manufacturing of TMT bars. We strive to revolutionize the construction industry with our innovative products.


Our mission is to deliver superior quality TMT bars that surpass industry standards and exceed customer expectations. We are dedicated to employing cutting-edge technology.


We continuously enhance our manufacturing processes and adopt the latest advancements in technology to produce TMT bars of exceptional quality, strength, and durability.

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