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Kaaveri TMT Bars

With a start from the furnace division producing and supplying MS Billets to the prestigious and leading TMT brands in South India, we have been steadily growing in strength and prowess to become the manufacturers of TMT Bars ourselves.

Backed by sheer research, tireless learning and live field experience, our consistent efforts and intricate expertise have shaped us, made us competent and helped us reach this pinnacle. Now in 2022, we have launched our flagship brand ‘KAAVERI TMT’.


As Quality being our foremost requirement in our process, it comes as a natural output. We strive to create superior quality, greater consistencies and higher value for money in our products. Our attention to details right from the procurement of raw material to the delivery of finished goods ensures customer delight.


Fe 500D

High Strength for Critical Applications

The Kaaveri TMT Fe 500D is a special grade of TMT Rebars with ductility compared to conventional TMT Rebars. Fe 500D Rebars are ideal for heavy load RCC structures for critical applications such as flyovers, dams and bridges where high yield load (design load) is required without compromising ductility.

Fe 550D

Super Premium Fe 550D TMT

Our super premium Fe 550D TMT re-bars are characterized by high strength and high ductility and hence ideal for use in all types of constructions including ordinary residential & commercial projects, massive and sturdy infrastructure projects and projects in earthquake prone areas owing to their property of high elongation.

Fe 550

Unique Features and Advantages

The Unique Features and Advantages that make Fe 550 grade TMT bars ideal for sturdy construction. Fe-550 TMT bars are the builder’s choice for any type of projects including large scale infrastructure and heavy load-bearing projects such as industrial constructions, bridges and flyovers.


Choosing Kaaveri TMT Bars offers numerous compelling reasons that set us apart from the others. Make a smart choice for your construction projects; choose Kaaveri TMT Bars.

Cost Effective

We believe that superior quality doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price. Kaaveri TMT bars offer competitive pricing, providing excellent value for your investment.

High Strength, Superior Performance

Kaaveri TMT bars are engineered for exceptional tensile strength and superior performance, making them ideal for structurally robust and enduring constructions.

Building the Future Together

By choosing Kaaveri TMT Bars Manufacturers, you become a part of our journey to build a future that stands on a strong foundation of reliability and trust.

“Kaaveri TMT Bars you can Trust, for Projects that Last."

We produce TMT bars that exhibit exceptional strength, durability, and resilience, ensuring the utmost safety and structural integrity in construction projects worldwide.



These words without exaggeration define the attitude and acts of our Staff and Management running and bolstering Mayavaram Rolling Mill. Ever since started in 1996, our steam has not run out and so has our quest for quality and productivity.

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