What is Kaaveri
TriPower TMT Bars

Kaaveri TriPower stands for Copper Nickel and Chromium, the three metals that are essentially required for manufacturing billets and TMT bars. It is mandatory to add these metals in the right proportion to enhance the quality of TMT bars to achieve the desired strength and durability.

Kaaveri TriPower TMT bars gives high priority for selecting the finest raw materials in the perfect combination to ensure the best quality of every bar.


Copper, a versatile and widely used metal, possesses several remarkable properties that contribute to its popularity in various applications. One of its key attributes is its malleability, which means that it can be easily shaped and molded into different forms without cracking or breaking. In addition to being malleable, copper is also ductile, meaning it can be drawn into thin wires without losing its integrity.

While many metals corrode when exposed to oxygen, copper takes a unique approach to oxidation. When copper interacts with oxygen, it forms a protective layer known as patina. This patina not only adds to the metal's aesthetic appeal by giving it a distinctive greenish hue, but it also acts as a shield against further corrosion. Interestingly, patina becomes more resilient with exposure to the elements, effectively safeguarding the copper underneath for extended periods. This natural process helps maintain the structural integrity of copper objects, making them durable and long-lasting even in challenging environmental conditions.


Nickel alloys are recognized for their remarkable strength and longevity, especially in high-temperature environments, making them crucial in industries requiring resilience and durability. Incorporating nickel alloys into Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars enhance their essential properties, reinforcing their structural integrity and load-bearing capabilities in construction projects like buildings and bridges. Nickel's positive impact on formability is significant; it maintains or enhances the ease of shaping TMT bars, essential for precise customization in manufacturing and construction. This synergy between nickel and the matrix material of TMT bars results in a composite material with a balanced blend of strength, resilience, and malleability, ideal for diverse architectural and engineering designs while enduring external pressures and harsh conditions.


Chromium is a metal which has high strength and durability. The right percentage of Chromium makes steel much more resistant to corrosion than steels without chromium.

The chemical reaction that occurs when solid raw material is melted, changes the chemical and physical qualities of the metal. Maintaining copper, nickel and chromium at minimum 0.40% increases ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and bend and re-bend properties and the ability to withstand welding and threading. It also drastically decreases brittleness and piping while increasing corrosion and thermal resistance. Kaaveri TriPower TMT bars do not buckle, are earthquake resistant and are perfect for any style of construction.

German Thermex Technology

TMT Bars produced using Thermex Technology, also known as TMX, is of very high quality because of higher tensile strength compared to the conventional makes. Through Thermex thermo-processing treatment, you can manufacture very strong Rebars with a yield strength ranging between 500 and 550 N/mm2 or even more and giving more robustness, flexibility, weldability and yieldability, besides others. This proprietary technology involves using a short, intensive but very precise in-line cooling of the rolled bar.

This treatment creates a cold but hardened output. Further cooling of the bar allows interaction with the atmosphere and causes Thermal Exchange (THERMEX) between the inner and outer surface of the bar. This results in the formation of distinct tempered martensite surface on the outer side or periphery and a fine grained ferrite-pearlite structure in the centre or the inner core of the bar. The temperature of billet on before quenching and after quenching has been recorded along with pressure of water and flow to ensure the ISI standards.

Thermex TMT
Reinforced Bars

The patented Thermex cooling technology contributed not only to the Civil Industry by bringing down costs but also passed these benefits to the global economy. Following are many more reasons why Thermex technology TMT Rebars are highly preferred and accepted worldwide:

Superior Quality along with low price (saving upto 17%)

High Resistance to Corrosion

Easy Weldability

High Strength and ductility enabling its use for all types of constructions

Better Earthquake Resistance due to High Ductility

Higher Resistance to fire than others

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