Education - CSR @ Govt School, Therizhandur

Education is a vital part of human lives. We as part of our CSR activities will support lesser known educational institutions by providing them study materials, stationery items as well as helping in certain educational scholarships.

As part of a CSR activity, the MRM team visited the Government Primary School in Therizhandur and inquired about their needs and addressed their long-standing issue of a lack of ventilation and lighting. As a result, we sponsored 15 fans and lights to the school and took responsibility for the fabrication of the fans and lights on our own dime, benefiting nearly 250 students and 15 teachers.

Sanitation & Hygiene

In our ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact on society, we are proud to share the successful completion of our recent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity focused on sanitation and hygiene.

Health - CSR @ Govt Hospital, Therizhandur

Our Rural Health Camp CSR activity was designed with a clear mission: to provide comprehensive healthcare services to remote and marginalized rural populations. We recognized the importance of reaching out to communities that face barriers to accessing medical care, and our team was dedicated to breaking down these barriers and fostering positive change.

As Requested by the Primary Health Center and Therizhandur Hospital, we carried out a CSR activity in Govt Hospital, Therizhandur. Sponsored life-saving medical equipment’s such ECG machines and apparatus. Nearly 5 surrounding villages have profited from this CSR Activity.


Our Clean Environment Project CSR activity was conceived with a vision of fostering positive change in local communities by addressing pressing environmental challenges. Recognizing the importance of responsible environmental practices, we set out to engage individuals, communities, and stakeholders in collaborative efforts to improve the quality of the environment.

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